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Condensation technology is effective heating technology where natural gas through a profess combustion turns into useful heat. Condensation technology follows the idea that boiler should work only with the temperature that is necessary to cover present heating needs, which cuts down losses to minimum. While in classic boilers there is need to avoid condensation of smoke gases, and with this also wetness of heating surfaces of furnace and exchanger, in condensation technology this is desirable in order to additionally take advantage of hidden heat energy in moisture of gas fumes that can be added to heating system as addition. This heat is the difference in usability of classic and condensation system that is used by marketing in ads that speak of usability over 100%. Plus, condensation technology cuts down need for Heating repairs Hoxton to bare minimum as well.
Replacing old boiler is worthy investment in all points if your primary idea is to save on the gas, if you want simplicity of maintenance (and as least as possible Heating repairs Hoxton) and in the end, return of investment through certain period of time-based on a difference in expenses between old and new heating system. Considering that percentage of heat energy in overall energy costs in a household is almost 90% then it is clear that condensation boiler is good choice.

If condensation system works in low-temperature regime (floor heating, wall heating, low-temperature radiators, etc) in combination with solar system, you will achieve maximum possible energy savings that is larger only with heat pumps with higher start investment.
If you choose “smart regulation” that adjusts heating system temperature in comparison to outside temperature + demands in the home, long-term savings will be even higher and the system more autonomous.

As in wall gas boilers, before you choose to buy this system, it is necessary to contact chimney profession to check functionality of the chimney and conditions in the room where new boiler will be installed.

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